Plant Synthetic Biology 2019

Plant Synthetic Biology 2019

August 7-9 | San Jose, CA

The inaugural ASPB-sponsored Plant Synthetic Biology (SynBio) Conference will immediately follow Plant Biology 2019 from August 7-9 in San Jose, California.

The conference will showcase the emerging field of plant SynBio and its supporting technologies, including work with photosynthetic prokaryotes, as well as the fabrication of plant metabolic pathways in non-photosynthetic microorganism platforms.

Graphic created by Justine Braguy

Travel Awards

Awards of $1,000 (to cover the full cost of registration and lodging in the conference hotel) will be given to all graduate students or postdocs from US institutions who are selected (based on submitted abstracts) to give a short talk.  To be considered for an award you must submit an abstract.  The application is part of the abstract submission process.

In addition, up to five awards of $1,000 will be made to participants (of any career stage) from U.S. underrepresented groups. Please submit your abstract and apply for an award. 

There are also up to 29 awards of $375 each (to cover the full cost of registration) for graduate students and postdocs from U.S. institutions who present a poster. To be considered for this award you must submit an abstract – the link to apply is part of the abstract submission process.

The final deadline to be considered for an award is June 14.

Important Deadlines


June 14, 2019: Deadline to be considered for a 15-minute oral presentation

July 19, 2019: Deadline to receive a poster number

Special Features of the Inaugural Program

If you’re interested in learning more about Plant Syn Bio, please view the Plant Synthetic Biology 101 webinar on Plantae. Webinar speakers include:

Arjun Khakar, University of Minnesota

Aileen Mastouri, Program Director at Joyn Bio

Brynne Stanton: Head of Metabolic Engineering at Joyn Bio

June Medford, Colorado State University

Andrew Hanson, University of Florida

Also, please join the Plant Synthetic Biology network on Plantae! There are a lot of resources and connections available via this collaborative network, and it’s a great place to stay up to date with news and information about the SynBio conference and plant synthetic biology more generally.

The 2019 Focus Issue on Synthetic Biology published by Plant Physiology now available here

And everything you have come to expect at an ASPB conference:

Discounted fee for attending both Plant Biology 2019 and Plant Synthetic Biology

WiFi in the meeting rooms and in your hotel rooms at no charge

Opening day luncheon featuring a Q&A session with the Major Symposium speakers on the future of Plant Synthetic Biology

Poster sessions and lots of time for networking

Keep up with the latest news on Twitter

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